How to Be Perfect

Greetings everybody! Aren’t we sick and tired of Human Rights? At least I am. Supporting Human Rights is supporting a global culture and discouraging unique cultures that aren’t related to the Western World. Much more relevant would be waking all dead people to their duties. I’ll begin with a piece of advice if you want to be successful in today’s world:

Firstly, you have to believe in God or other Heroes supported by masses. This will help you to cheat the emptiness in which we all live. Besides, you won’t need to think. Amazing no?

Consume mainstream music, films or books because it will surely give you status, even if its content is very poor. Reject underground cultures because they will never get anywhere and no one likes them, only weird people.

Now pay attention to the following tip: ALWAYS discuss intricate topics even if you don’t have any idea of what you are saying. If no one understands you, you might be considered brainy.

Live your life freely… But regret, or else God will hunt you down. If you aren’t living your live according to your own ideas, don’t worry. God knows your desires so you will experience a magical feeling of achievement in Heaven. Are you picturing? Hundreds of amazing virgins, endless bottles of whisky… Still, an enormous feeling of void due to the lack of courage while you were alive…

Support all charity causes willingly. It doesn’t matter if you’re donating food to Africa or making hypocrite leaders profit. You feel your void so deeply that you need to help others.

Do not overreact. There are so many noble people looking after you as we speak. The pope is taking care of your faith, your prime minister is managing your country, your mother is washing your clothes – So… why bother right? Just enjoy your meaningless days with pleasure but not too much because deep inside you fear that forgiveness from Above is limited.

Always smile and be nice to everyone. Cheat yourself and those around you. Everybody wins isn’t it?

NO, MANKIND DOESN’T WIN! I’m so sick of this madness. I’m still waiting… free spirits where are you? Can’t you understand? I want paradoxes. I want to see white collar workers with their bodies filled with tattoos and their faces full of piercings; I want to listen to hardcore and metal in mainstream radios; I want to smell joints of weed on the streets because tobacco is also a drug and no one complains about it.

All in all, please try to keep your mind unspoiled with stupid moral values. This should be our main concern, our duty. We will be ready to fight for human rights and discuss them if we could be truly open-minded.

March 2011 (?)

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